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Assembly & Kitting

STP assembles complete exhaust and muffler kits for dealer and retail installation.


From .25” to 5” tubing utilizing either CNC, rotary mandrel, compression or roll bending. In-house tool design and tool making capabilities along with strong tool shop relationships.

Brazing & Soldering

Utilizing silver, bronze or copper for joining two metals together.

Chrome Plating and Polishing

In-house polishing for extremely high quality chrome utilizing Trivalent and Hexavalent chrome finishes.

Cleaning & Millipore Testing

When internal cleanliness is required to meet light or stringent cleanliness levels, we utilize our high pressure cleaning systems and microscopic analysis to ensure compliance.


In-house high temperature ceramic coating and wet coat painting together powder coat and e-coat services in close proximity.


Our high-speed automated cutting and deburring equipment provides maximum efficiency.

Drilling, Punching & Tapping

From punching, piercing and drilling of holes to flowing metal for integral drilling and tapping in one operation.

End  Forming

Our CNC end form machines are capable of sizing, expanding, reducing, Marmon flanging, single beading, double beading, flaring, dimpling, slotting, trimming, etc…

Flattening & Stamping

We utilize hydraulic and mechanical presses for flattening tube sections and stamping profiles in tubes.


CNC machining and turning for machining flanges, tooling and fixtures.

Motorcycle Exhaust Parts

Providing high quality motorcycle parts for Samson Exhaust.  Visit the Samson Exhaust website here:  


Piece Marking & Labelling

Stamping, pressing, engraving and etching are used for piece marking along with adhesive labels when required.

Plasma & Laser Cutting

Utilized for cutting profiles into bent or straight tubes and brackets.

Pressure Testing

100% leak tight pressure testing and pressure decay testing for fluid transfer tubes or when required.


Tapping machined holes or taping holes produced by flowing metal from the drilling process for more surface area.


We utilize CNC snap trimming machines and several types of metal saws for trimming and mitering after bending and fabricating.


MIG, TIG, Resistance, Spot welding and brazing.